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Mother’s Day Outrage

By Satish Sekar © Satish Sekar (March 5th 2016) Scandalous Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. With a cruel irony – cruel because 20-year-old Lynette White was denied the chance of motherhood that she desired – her murderer becomes eligible to apply…
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First Interviews on Radio Cardiff

January 20th 2015 Radio Cardiff Part One Satish Sekar with Georgina Sammut and Shawty Satish Sekar discusses the foundation of The Fitted-In Project and why it was re-established on this Community Radio programme. He explains why the vindication of the…
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Testimonials – Satish Sekar

“Satish is a very determined journalist/campaigner and has worked relentlessly to highlight miscarriages of justice within the criminal justice system. His honesty is refreshing and a good thing to have on your side.” Raphael Rowe (Reporter for the BBC’s Panorama) “Satish…
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