The Fitted-In Project is deeply concerned that this woman who has already been let down by a cruel injustice has been given just months to live. She has been in jail for almost a quarter of a century for shooting an abusive partner while believing her life to be in danger. We believe that this 65 year-old wheelchair-bound lady is no threat to anyone and has more than paid any debt to society she might have owed.. The interests of justice and compassion demand that she be freed immediately. We therefore call upon the Governor of Callifornia Jerry Brown to release her immediately on compassionate grounds, so she can spend the little time she has left with her family.


The article below was written by Gloria Goodwin-Killian.


VIRGIL NEEDS YOUR HELP During last night’s broadcast, we announced the heartbreaking news that Virgil has been diagnosed with cancer and given only a few months left to live!



We are working hard, with legislators and lawyers, to ensure that Virgil can return home to her family during her final days. Lend your support by adding your name to the online petition. Every signature counts to show that there is public support behind letting Virgil spend her last days, after 25 years behind bars, with her grandchildren!


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