The Fitted-In Project is proud to have such a distinguished group of supporters associated with our work.

Bryan Gibson (Publisher)

Bob Woffinden (Author and Journalist)

Cheryl Jones

Edward Fitzgerald (Renowned Barrister)

Mark Metcalf (Author and Freelance Journalist)

Gareth Peirce (Renowned Solicitor)

George Skelly BA Hons (Author)

Gloria Killian (Miscarriage of Justice Survivor and Women’s Rights Activist)

Jonathan Jones (Miscarriage of Justice Survivor)

Jose Alfredo Piera Pellicer (Forensic Scientist)

Nogah Ofer (Solicitor)

Michael Davis (Miscarriage of Justice Survivor and exponent of Tae Kwon Do)

Raju Bhatt (Solicitor)

Vaughan Gething (Politician, Member of the National Assembly of Wales)

Steven Bird (Solicitor)

Dev Barrah (Community activist and restorative justice practitioner)

Gregg L. Greer (Human Rights Advocate)

Mpagi Edward Edmary (Miscarriage of Justice Survivor and Community Activist)

Bill Pelke (Forgiveness and Humanitarian Activist)

L. A. Naylor (Author)

David Michael (Consultant, Motivational Speaker)

Stuart Hutton (Solicitor)

Duncan Campbell (Journalist and author)

Johnny Kamara (Miscarriage of Justice Survivor and Founder of Life After Life)

Rajiv Chelani (Restorative Justice Practitioner)

Alun Michael (Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales)

Richard Eikelenboom (DNA Expert)

Dr. Selma Eikelenboom-Schieveld (Medical Forensics Expert)

Michelle (Diskin) Bates (Sister of Miscarriage of Justice Survivor Barry George)






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