Testimonials – Satish Sekar

“Satish is a very determined journalist/campaigner and has worked relentlessly to highlight miscarriages of justice within the criminal justice system. His honesty is refreshing and a good thing to have on your side.”

Raphael Rowe (Reporter for the BBC’s Panorama)

“Satish is a dedicated investigative journalist who worked hard to investigate the background to the jailing of the Cardiff Three for the 1988 murder of Lynette White. The success of their appeal against their convictions is largely down to his hard work. He wrote the story of this case and his subsequent campaign to have the case reinvestigated in his book ‘Fitted In: The Cardiff Three and the Lynette White Inquiry’. I wanted to write about the forensic aspects of the case in my book Cold Case Files – and he was very generous with his help”.

Liz Porter (Journalist at Sunday Age, Australia)

“Satish is extremely thorough in his investigations and is doggedly determined to get to the bottom of things. He is meticulous and has an eye for detail when looking at cases of miscarriages of justice.”

Lovejit Dhaliwal (Director of Sharp Curiosity Productions)

 “Satish is an excellent investigative journalist – very committed and persistent”.

Richard Keeble (Professor of Journalism at the University of Lincoln)

“Satish is an author of ‘Fitted In: The Cardiff 3 and the Lynette White Inquiry‘ and the recently published “The Cardiff Five: Innocent Beyond Any Doubt“. He is also a journalist, academic, researcher and expert, especially for those who have suffered miscarriages of justice. Although at times, Satish is highly critical of the criminal justice system, he only challenges from a position of desiring improvement for the benefit of all, whether they be the investigator or the investigated. Members of the criminal justice system as well as academia could well benefit from hearing the experiences and lessons learnt by Satish over the past 20 plus years of academic and field research that he has undertaken.

Ruwan Uduwerage-Perera (Lecturer and Director of S-Team Consultancy)

“Satish is an outstanding journalist, researcher and author whose work has achieved justice for people who would otherwise have had no-one to defend them. His grasp of detail and tenacity is a model for all reporters.”

Alan Slingsby (Partner, Edition Periodicals)

“Satish is a dedicated investigator with a passion for justice, both to correct miscarriages to absolve the innocent, and to identify and bring the true perpetrator(s) to account. His dogged determination and indefatigable efforts to explore overlooked or disregarded facts and possibilities, and to publish his findings publicly, have made a significant contribution to the Criminal Justice System in Britain and abroad.”

Robert (Bob) Parsons (Forensic Chemist/Alcohol Toxicologist, Indian River Crime Laboratory, USA)

“In my dealings with Satish I found him to be reliable, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his subject. His enthusiasm and commitment to the project of righting miscarriages of justice was highly commendable. He works very hard in this field and in ridding sport of racism.”

Alun Owen (Territory manager for Random House Publishers)

“Satish is an investigative journalist and has campaigned against the miscarriages of justice. He stays involved with the wrongfully convicted (and wrongly accused), even after proof of innocence, and works against racism. I would highly recommend Satish in his fields of expertise.”

Bill Pelke (President of The Journey of Hope…From Violence to Healing)

“I have worked with Satish on several occasions since the 1990s. I have always found him to be imaginative, diligent, resourceful, personable and a great team player.”

Geoff Small (P/D of Geoff Small Inc.)

“Satish is a diligent and conscientious journalist, who is trustworthy and very reliable”.

John McManus (Former Project Coordinator of The Miscarriages of Justice Organisation)

“Satish is hard-working and painstaking in all that he undertakes. His research is second to none. He pays significant attention to the important detail surrounding an issue which he will tenaciously advance whilst being open to the views of others.”

Stuart Hutton (Senior Partner at Hutton’s Solicitors & Advocates)

“Satish is an experienced human rights and civil liberties advocate and writer whose work has benefited many people. He works hard, is afraid of no-one and puts his heart and soul into fighting cases of injustice.”

Mark Metcalf (Freelance journalist, author and trustee of FIP)

 “Satish is reliable, informed, thorough, and dependable. And has proved to be a veritable one man army in the pursuit of justice on countless occasions.”

Derek Miller (Journalist and Editor)

“Satish Sekar’s meticulous attention to detail and dogged determination to pursue an objective was key to unravelling a complex murder case that had resulted in an appalling miscarriage of justice. His commitment to establishing the truth cannot be questioned.”

Martin Shipton (Chief Reporter of The Western Mail)

“Satish is an experienced and able author and investigative journalist with a long track record in campaigning against miscarriages of justice. He continues acting as a pressure group to alleviate the problems which those wrongfully convicted suffer in the long term, even after they have been vindicated. He is also actively involved in anti-racism initiatives, particularly in football, and seeks to improve racial equality by increasing the sporting opportunities available for disadvantaged groups.”

Dave Barclay (Retired Forensic Scientist)

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“Satish is a determined and meticulous researcher. His work is always reliable.”

Tim Gopsill (Former Editor of The Journalist)

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