The 30th Anniversary Justice Discussions

The 30th Anniversary Justice Discussions
November 20, 2020
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More Despicable People and the World Cup (Part One) The Successor
January 5, 2021

Police and Prosecutorial Accountability 1

Moderator: Satish Sekar

Speakers: Nathan Adams, Dr Bob Moles, Michelle Diskin-Bates

Date and Time: November 21st 09.00-11.00 GMT

Meeting ID: 845 1456 4073

Passcode: 586916

What are the responsibilities of both the police and the criminal justice system to dispense justice fairly? Miscarriages of justice help nobody, but no system of justice can eradicate them totally. The test of any system is not whether it gets it wrong – that is inevitable in any system. It is zeal shown to put it right.

            And what about accountability? How should wrong-doing by agents of the criminal justice system be weeded out, punished and/or prevented. Prosecutions are few and far between and convictions even rarer. Punishment such as in the case of the vindicated American, Michael Morton – one of the few to result in conviction – was derisory. Compare this to the demand for harsh deterrent punishments of crime. Why is this different?

This discussion will focus on that and the experiences of the speakers and their suggestions of what is required to deliver accountability.

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