Finance Committee

The Finance Committee decides on the payment of contributors for The Fitted-In Project’s projects and activities. The Finance Committee will consist of at least three people. If there is an even number of people the Chair of that Committee, which will be a Trustee, will have the casting vote. They will determine how funds are allocated to contributors and what resources are spent on. The Finance Committee is also responsible for overseeing the accounts and ensuring that all accounting obligations are complied with. No contributor seeking remuneration can be a member of this committee.

Richard Adams, Mark Metcalf, (Trustees)

Fund Raising Committee

The Fund-raising Committee, consisting of at least three members, will develop fund-raising strategies and initiatives to raise resources for The Fitted-In Project. Its main responsibility is to liaise with fund-raisers and to ensure that we are financially viable. It will develop and present strategies to raise funds to the Finance Committee for approval and assist with funding applications as well. It may also suggest other fund-raising activities and organise them if approved by the Finance Committee.

Govind Dutt-Pullatt, Derek Miller, Satish Sekar

UK Projects and Activities Committee

The responsibilities of the UK Projects and Activities Committee, which must have at least three members, will consider whether projects or activities located in the UK are compatible with our ideals which are detailed in our aims and objectives and whether the project or activity should be pursued by The Fitted-In Project. There is an appeals process to the Conscience and Direction (Ethics) Committee for the originator of the proposed project or activity if the UK Projects and Activities Committee decide that the projector activity is incompatible with The Fitted-In Project’s aims and objectives.

Govind Dutt Pullat, Sophie Earnshaw, Derek Miller,

Press and Publicity Committee

The main function of the Press And Publicity Committee, which must have at least three members including a journalist, is to devise and execute a press and publicity strategy for The Fitted-In Project to highlight our achievements, which includes establishing and maintaining its website.

It would be easy to confine my remarks to the Cardiff Five case but this would be a disservice to the thrust of this narrative as well as its author. If anyone wants to know what has been going on, and going wrong, over the past half century spanning my entire professional career, here it is. Written with spell-binding passion alongside meticulous research and observation, Satish Sekar has accomplished what few others have achieved. It is redolent of those magnificent French films starring Yves Montand where one man takes on the state in the pursuit of truth and justice – and succeeds.

Govind Dutt Pullat, Derek Miller, José Rodolfo Muñoz Herazo

New Project and Activities Committee

The responsibilities of the New Projects and Activities Committee, which will have at least three members, are to generate new projects or activities and advise and assist new members in particular to present their documents to the relevant committee, so they have the best prospect of organising and running successful projects or activities. It will suggest these to the relevant committee depending on location, which will then consider if the project or activity is in accordance with the aims and objectives of The Fitted-In Project. It will also act in an advisory capacity for members who want help preparing their project or activity documents before they are considered by the relevant committee.

Satish Sekar, Derek Miller, Richard Adams