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Non-vindication Cases

Exoneration – Insufficient Stefan Kiszko was vindicated over a decade after his death by the conviction of the real killer of Lesley Molseed, Ronald Castree, but there are others who will never be vindicated. For them exoneration is as good…
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by Satish Sekar © Satish Sekar (January 16th 2013) Disbelief The failure to investigate, let alone prosecute in miscarriage of justice cases is striking. Mervyn ‘Tex’ Ritter expressed disbelief that appeal judges believed him after an unsuccessful appeal by the…
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An Exceptional Injustice (Part 4) – The New Cardiff Three

Duress – A Legal Quagmire Mark Grommek, Angela Psaila and Learnne Vilday (the New Cardiff Three) were told that they had a responsibility to tell the truth and should have reported what had been done to them. The prosecutor, Nicholas…
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