Historical Tourism

Historical Injustice

This page will detail some of history’s great crimes. Sibling rivalry is as old as the hills, but some, detailed on this page, take the breath away. You will see that some took it to homicidal levels. For many it was kill or be killed.

Others saw a chance to grab the main prize, and if that meant creating and stepping over corpses, so be it. Many of our trips involve exploration of historical sites and tales.

There are lessons for the here and now from these horrid tales of the past, which include, not only brutal murder, but scandalous abuse of sanctuary, and other crimes.

It also details historical tales of empire building, seizing and some setting historical records straight.

Historical Tourism

I have been to several countries, absorbing the culture and history. It’s so worth it. If you are a history buff, a true crime buff, a stickler for historical authenticity, then this page is for you. There’s so much to see and enjoy. Long forgotten civilisations, tales of wars, conquests, peace, usurpation, rebellions, but it’s so much more than blood, gore and devices of inhumanity.

We hope by reading these articles, you will visit these places for yourself and return with a new understanding of long forgotten history that helped to shape the world. Read, enjoy, and above all go and see these places for yourself!

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