The remarkable story of a truly exceptional human being.Mpagi Edward Edmary. Sentenced to death in Uganda, he served 18 years on Death Row for the murder of William Wandyaka and his co-accused Fred Masembe died from neglect – he was denied treatment for malaria and in a weakened state, subsequently died from complications. Edmary came close to being executed a few times, but in 2000 he received a Presidential Pardon, because the alleged victim was in fact alive and well!

Edmary tells his exceptional story to Kervin Julien and \Dr David Romei with the assistance of Ronald Katongole and Satish Sekar. Edmary helps people he left behind on Death Row and is a passionate advocate against the death penalty and injustice. He is also involved with Dream One World (see He is a remarkable person with an extraordinary story.

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