Bob Woffinden (Author, Journalist and TV Documentary Producer)

Satish Sekar is one of those diligent seekers after judicial truth who, not being himself a member of the legal profession, is perhaps better able to discern its shortcomings. He has a longstanding interest in the case of the Cardiff Three, which he rightly perceives as a pivotal one in the recent turbulent history of British justice.

This book is an admirable one, for two reasons: it provides such an exhaustive and highly readable account of this especially vexed case; and Sekar analyses how the defects of this one extraordinary inquiry throw light on the malpractice and incompetence that is is all too frequently to be discovered at the heart of the judicial process.

Sekarʼs own fresh investigation of the case has uncovered valuable information. In the light of his painstaking work, the inquiry ought to be fully re-opened.

Bob Woffinden (Author of Miscarriages of Justice and Hanratty: The Final Verdict)

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