Dev Barrah (Community Activist and Restorative Justice Practitioner)

Dev Barrah 1

Dev is an accomplished consultant. He is a respected human rights activist who has devoted many years of his life to fighting for equality. He has supported victims and developed organisational responses to hate crime. His work is internationally renowned. His experience provides unique insights into the effects of hate abuse on individuals and communities. He is Director of Equalities- Education Project (EQUA-ED) This involves working with victims of hate crime, liaison with police agencies and developing and providing multi-agency resolutions.
He was one of the founding members of, Greenwich Action Committee Against Racist Attacks (GACARA) in 1978, the first racial monitoring group in the UK. GACARA developed a range of support structures, and initiated a programme for hate crime perpetrators. He chaired campaigns to support the families of hate crime murders, Rolan Adams and Rohit Duggal. He then provided testimony to the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry.
Born in Africa, Dev defines himself as African-Asian. His multi-cultural perspective provides a genuine insight into diversity.
Dev has worked with a broad range of organisations, including: the Metropolitan Police, British Transport Police, Prison Service, Crown Prosecution Service, Probation Trust ( nationally), Racial Equality Councils (nationally), the European Academy of Great Britain, Schools Development work (internationally), London Action Trust, Victim Support, NAAPS (National Association of Asian Probation Staff), Schools without Racism Youth programme – Belgium/ France/Germany, Middlesex University – Working with Hate Crime offenders, Honour based Crime – Probation, Restorative Justice-Probation, working with Hate Crime offenders and Extremism – Probation, Working with Hate Crime offenders – Training for Probation Staff, HOPE not HATE campaign.



  1. Sitakumari

    Hi Dev – many years since we were in touch! Greenwich feels like a past age! Noted what you are doing now and hoping there will be some overlap. Keen to get your input on our latest project which is tackling hate crime. Can you email me with contact info?


    1. Satish Sekar (Post author)

      I will forward this to Dev for you.


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