Initial Response of Satish Sekar to the Report by Richard Horwell QC


Richard Horwell QC has completed his report and it has been considered by the Home Secretary, who scraped back into Parliament by the skin of her teeth. Amber Rudd has welcomed it – no surprise there. Horwell thinks the failures…
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The Hardest Word


by Satish Sekar © Satish Sekar (March 14th 2013) Injury to Insult The Eikenhof Three are still waiting for apologies for what they went through almost two decades after they were subjected to a terrifying ordeal that could have ended…
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Opportunism and Hypocrisy

By Satish Sekar © Satish Sekar (May 15th 2017) Pitt’s Hypocritical Opportunism Toussaint Louverture adeptly played the colonial superpowers, France, Britain and Spain against each other, seeking the best arrangement, but his belief that independence was unnecessary ultimately cost him…
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