Dr. Ndubuise Eke (Head of Department of Surgery and Senior Lecturer at the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria)

The book is a detailed account of a common crime and the ignoble role of the Police to concoct evidence to convict innocent individuals. The author in a display of committed journalism, employing an extraordinary knowledge of forensic science, doggedly followed and studied the evidence in the case. He then, again against the run of officialdom, was able to force the relevant authorities to review the case. The author’s efforts were crowned with success as the innocent Cardiff 3 were acquitted. The miscarriage of justice has not completely been ‘carried’ as the unlawful methods used by the police to concoct evidence against the innocent have not been purged.

Not satisfied with the freedom gained by the Cardiff 3 at the appeal, the author by dint of committed industry involving the local MP of the murder victim, Lynette White, was able to secure an inquiry into the death to find the real culprits.

The narrative would have been exciting fiction if the sordid events mainly by the police were not real. The question is: ‘what is the incentive for the police to concoct evidence to convict innocents’? Do they get promoted on the basis of convictions they secure for offences? The case is, by the author’s assertion, the longest murder trial in British legal history with obvious cost implications and is ranked among the worst travesties of justice in British legal history. The role of the police in this and other cases is a cause for concern. The police lacked commitment by concocting evidence in the pursuit to secure justice. They displayed a conflict of interest in this case. Finally they exhibited shameful racial profiling when they selectively ignored or applied DNA evidence to prosecute or otherwise.

The authors handling of the forensic genetic evidence was erudite and is as good as if done by a specialist. This is the reward of a dedicated and committed research. This reinforces the recommendation of this book.

This book sheds light on life in decaying inner cities where the youths have found themselves desperate and have resorted to sex, drugs and crime. In the past few years the democracies of the world have been focusing attention to the inner city peculiarities. Unfortunately no such salutary attention is evident in the developing world. Another tribute to the author is the moral depicted by his dogged quest for justice for others. Go ahead and read this book. You would thank me I recommended such a beauty to you.

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